Aside from their usual

Aside from their usual activities, members of the group have a best kept secret as three of the brats er, Belles transform themselves into Polly Farton, Loretta Sin and Tammy Why Not to entertain the North Central Seniors Association members in a very special way. They don glitzy wigs, outrageous costumes and make up tongue in cheek songs as a testament to their true affection for the seniors’ group. To see the trio in action, check out this video..

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The district is considering cutting staff, largely but not entirely through attrition. However it is moving target and layoffs could also occur. Roy also noted the district is considering other staff reductions, such as guidance counselors, coaches and activity advisors, support staff and administrators.

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Is one of the largest private sector investments in the history of Manitoba, said Premier Brian Pallister. New facility will create jobs and it will establish stronger markets for Canadian farmers as well, while benefiting our province economy for decades to come. Minister Ralph Eichler initially said the province didn offer a grant, loan, tax break or other financial incentive to lure the company to Manitoba.