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Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!”I’ve lived here all my life, except for eight years on the Quayside, and I love it.”The only negative, Nicola said, is the area like much of Britain has lost some of its traditional neighbourhood shops in favour of cafes and eateries.But she thinks it would take a “lot of investment” for Heaton to be seen as a rival to plushy Jesmond.Both Chillingham Road and Heaton Road boast a string of independent cafes and restaurants.On Heaton Road, the Butterfly Cabinet attracts breakfast queues on weekends, while vegetarian and vegan specialists the Sky Apple is another big hit.Recently, Champion Bottles and Taps, a craft beer shop, opened in Warton Terrace, which runs off Chillingham Road. Its founder helped launch city centre cafes including Pink Lane Coffee and Piccolo.But Chillingham Road once dubbed “a fast food junkie’s dream” by a Chronicle reporter has plenty of cheap takeaways too.It also links Heaton to Byker, where you probably wouldn’t expect to see Kirstie Allsopp or Phil Spencer discussing deposits with first time buyers.Doug Paterson volunteers in Chillingham Road’s Oxfam branch, where music fans browse for vinyl bargains and rare finds.He said: “I think it’s definitely up and coming, it’s all independent cafes, there’s no chain cafes; you won’t find a Costa in Heaton, but you’ll find Starks. There’s a new real ale bottle shop just opened, so yeah, I think it’s an up and coming area.”Jan Phillipson agrees.She said: “I think it’s up and coming, I’ve worked here for 11 years and I’ve seen a big change, it has more of a cosmopolitan feel with the independent cafes, I think it’s great.”Down at the Coast Road end of Chillingham Road is the Baobab, an artisanal bakery and cafe. The 42 year old was first an actor, and it seemed only natural to try his hand at writing for the stage. His titanium cup first play, ”Killer Joe,” in 1993, told the story of a drug dealer who plots to have wholesale youth football jerseys his mother killed for the insurance money. Letts thought he’d do something small and cheap, since it was his first try at writing for the stage. Show up to this Willy Street butcher shop pop up for a Saturday morning bagel made by shop manager Dan Soukup and Jonny Hunter, head of the Underground Food Collective. Slather some homemade cream cheese on a New York style bagel, cheap football jerseys sometimes featuring locally foraged ramps. Make it a sandwich by adding smoked trout. The atmosphere is classic Mexico: tile floors, beer posters with busty gals, a jukebox that plays mariachi music and Mexican pop songs, and a help yourself, all you can eat salsa and chips bar. Hunkered under the freeway on Fourth Street in San Rafael, Taqueria San Jose is not in the safest neighborhood. One Saturday night, I couldn’t get in because the place was surrounded by five police cars; on Cheap NFL Jerseys Sale another occasion, a friend got beat up in the parking lot because he wouldn’t turn over his wallet to a couple of thugs.