Her research turned up a few other surprises

Her research turned up a few other surprises: about 30 letters written to Wertham and another 200 or so sent to the Senate subcommittee by children trying to save their access to comic books. Of them talked about fairy tales and folk tales, Poe and Shakespeare, and said this stuff has murder and sex and traumatic events too, but you call that good literature, Tilley said. Most of them, my contact is the first acknowledgement they had in 60 years that anybody read their letter..

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The toys they put in to their numerous carts are for needy kids in Central Indiana. Each year, for the last 20 years, the Hulls team up with some of Renee friends who pool their money and spend it on toys to make sure kids have a merry christmas. The Pike Township Trustees and Fire Department give them out to the families so something is under their trees.