Many energy sources involve

Many energy sources involve relatively small upfront costs. To increase solar power, just build more panels. Fracking also has lower fixed costs than traditional oil production. With the exception of LNG export terminals, most of the state’s megaprojects involve foreign companies, he said. A partial list of the projects includes South African firm Sasol’s $8.9 billion ethane cracker outside Lake Charles; Japanese firm Shintech’s $1.4 billion ethylene plant in Iberville Parish, part of a $4.7 billion investment overall; a $717 million expansion by Dutch firm Shell Chemical at its Geismar campus; Vancouver, Canada based Methanex Corp.’s $2 billion investment in two methanol plants in Geismar; a $1.5 billion plant in St. John Parish by Russian fertilizer maker EuroChem; Taiwan based Formosa Plastics planned investment of $9.4 billion in petrochemical projects in St.

Both Middletown and Xavier High Schools have held awards programs honoring their winter teams. Part of the events is the announcement of individual award winners. The awards at MHS are mainly for Outstandng Sportsmanship and Most Consistent, along with some specific individual awards unique to the sport.

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