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Scientists have now concluded that the compulsive desire for excessive alcohol consumption in most instances has a genetic origin that is triggered by environmental factors. Excessive use of alcohol is not a sign of a weak individual and is not an indication of irresponsibility, but rather it is an actual physical condition that some individuals are born with and others unwittingly develop. This vicious cycle is continued in people’s lives until they discover a healthy alternative to help control the desire to drink excessively.NeuRecover is a natural means of dealing with neurotransmitter deficiency. NeuRecover, along with a healthy diet, supports the replenishment of these neurotransmitters that can ease the desire for excessive alcohol and increase internal calm. It is vital to understand an individual’s brain naturally produces certain chemicals. Once a person turns to an outside source (such as alcohol), which contains some of the chemicals that the brain already produces, the brain recognizes an overabundance of these elements and slows down their production, thereby creating a deficiency. Over the years, this product has seen tremendous success. People who use the product consistently have experienced alleviation of their urges and cravings. NeuRecover has been used in clinics and hospitals to provide an excellent source of nutritional support to individuals who are serious about discontinuing the use of alcohol. BONUS: FREE MINERAL MAGIC WITH PURCHASE! These amazing monoatomic minerals were first discovered and introduced to the world by David Hudson. He described how these elements were essential to life and acted as superconductors in the body. Hudson found that monoatomic minerals interact with cell DNA, causing them to relax and recombine corrected. They literally possess the ability to heal cells and make them young again.

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